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Debit Card Issues

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Call Us Immediately

If you have lost your bank debit card or believe it has been stolen, call First Bank of Alabama immediately at 1-800-554-8969. You will be asked for the full name of the institution (First Bank of Alabama) and the name on the card. 

If it is after normal business hours, call 1-800-554-8969. You will be asked for the full name of the institution (First Bank of Alabama) and the name on the card.


Issues with Debit Cards After Hours

Issues may occur with your debit card because our fraud prevention system has flagged your account. If you experience any of the following, you can call 1-800-554-8969 for assistance:

  • Declined transactions even though you haven’t used your card all day
  • Declined transactions even though you know you have the funds to cover them

card valet

Gain more control over your First Bank of Alabama debit card with Card Valet. This is a free mobile app that syncs with your debit card and allows you to monitor all of your transactions anytime and anywhere. Click on the link below for more information.



Lost or Stolen Checks

If you have lost or had checks that are linked to your First Bank of Alabama account stolen, visit your local branch or call our Bookkeeping department at (256) 362-2334. You will need to sign a stop payment form in order for our staff to place a stop payment on the check(s) in order to protect your account.


We’ll Never Ask for Your Information

We have your information, why would we ask?

If you ever receive a message or voicemail about an issue with your account or your card, we highly recommend you pay very close attention to the message. Our monitoring company will leave a message with a code for you to give them when you call them back. You will then hear a recording with your name and the bank name when you call them back.

The bank does NOT utilize any type of automated system that will prompt you to enter your full account or card number to "reactivate" your card or account. If there is ever a problem with your account or debit card, you will be notified by mail or a personal phone call.

Both bank employees and the monitoring service employees have the ability to look you up by your name, so they will only ask for partial information to confirm your identity, such as the last four digits of your card number or social security number or your mailing address. They will never ask for the security code on the back of your card or for the expiration date. If this information is requested, hang up and contact the bank during normal business hours.

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