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First Bank of Alabama may obtain properties (including vehicles or equipment) through foreclosure, repossession or other means.  These properties, known as bank-owned properties or "real estate owned", are available for purchase to the general public or investors.  Generally, these properties are in Talladega County or the surrounding areas, including St. Clair, Calhoun, Clay, Shelby, Cleburne or Coosa Counties.

Some properties are listed with agents in our area, while others are offered for sale directly by the bank. All property is offered "as-is".  No warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied are given as to conditions, zoning or applicable ordinances. Please note the status on each listing and contact the appropriate person to expedite your inquiry.

Agent inquiries are welcome for the purchase of a property, however we do ask that you please do not call to inquire about listing properties for us.

For Information on any properties listed please contact Pam Cheatwood at 256-761-2224.


121 4th Street
Ashland, Alabama 36251

4 Bedroom/5 Bathroom

4 Acres

3123 Sq. Ft.

Street View of house

Rear View of house

View of house with alternate small porch



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