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Cash Management

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Maximize Your Cash Flow and Save Time!

Accept More Forms of Payment

One part of our Cash Management services is focused on creating more avenues for customers to pay your business. The more ways you can accept payment the better!

Accept credit, debit and other payment cards from the top card companies. We provide the necessary equipment, training and setup to ensure your Merchant Card program promotes fast payment processing.

Take payments online and from mobile devices! Our Online and Mobile Payment Acceptance services can turn a smartphone into a handy payment terminal that’s synced up with your merchant card system. We offer the equipment, setup and training to give you another way to receive payments.


Decrease Your Time Investment

We all know time is money, especially for business owners. The second part of our Cash Management services focuses on saving you time when it comes to managing your company’s finances.

Forget about paper paychecks! Now you can automatically deposit paychecks to your employees’ accounts. The end result is payroll that is done faster, easier and more securely!

For those employees who may not have a bank account, you can transfer payroll amounts onto a reloadable card that acts as a debit card.  First Bank of Alabama will be happy to work with you to find a solution that fits the needs of your company and your employees.

Never make another trip to the bank to deposit business checks again (unless you really want to). Simply scan your business checks to have them electronically deposited into your account. We help with equipment setup and training, and you get to save on gas and spend less time away from work!

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